Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oil Spill

     The BP Oil Spill was a horrifying disaster that affected millions of people as well as wiping out large numbers of marine wildlife.  This was not only a systematic failure but also an organizational failure.  The team who was working on the oil rig should have completed a large number of check lists before starting to drill and should have also ensured that the rig was up to standards.  With the rush of society today, people are always trying to do things in such a fast pace and unfortunately that is when mistakes happen.

When people are working on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, or anywhere for that matter, they should understand the possible negative outcomes of their choices.  If this team would have taken a step back and removed time and money from the picture, this accident never would have happened.  Quality should always be the number one priority, not quantity. 

This accident was also systematic because it was the system really failed.  The system should have been put through quality tests and checks before it was able to perform its duty.  And clearly that never took place which is why the oil spill occurred.  The system is the second most important aspect after the people because this is the part that can do the most destruction. 

By H.A.