Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With surveys being such an important part of rating a customer satisfaction and sales service, why is there such a terrible success rate on returned surveys?  Nationwide on all types of sales the approximate response is around 20%.  How can you expect your employees to go out of their way for a customer if you are basing a salary or bonus off of a 20% probability of success?  Being a customer who has filled out a couple of surveys and thrown away several more, I can attest that these surveys are normally too lengthy and there is no benefit for me to fill it out.  Doesn’t a solution that would give the customer a free oil change, gift card, or gift certificate, not help everyone out that is involved with the survey process?   You cannot gage a customer’s satisfaction if you never get any input from them on how your services lived up to or let down from their expectations.  Something needs to be done to rectify the situation or companies are going to keep getting the same results.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Workforce Focus : What Management Can Do

Workforce Focus  - February 25, 2014
                A large amount of attention must be paid to the workforce within an organization. Management should be able to recognize the practices that the employees use to improve efficiency. Management should also be able to come up with creative ways to ensure that the full potential of all employees is achieved.
              Reward systems are a useful way to ensure high efficiency and productivity. However, it is important to focus on systems that are win-win for every employee. For example, having an “employee of the month” program does not actually enforce better working habits because there is only one winner in this scenario. This is a win-lose tactic and not every worker can benefit from it. A better reward system would be to have a certain quota for each employee to meet. Meeting this quota by a certain deadline should be rewarded so that all employees participate equally.

Another useful skill management should have is to create an healthy workforce environment. This healthy environment should encompass both safety and organization. While enriching the capability of capacity of employees, management should focus on ensuring a safe place of work for employees to thrive in. Management should keep the company organized so that changes in the workforce are not only minimal but also easily adapted to. When an organization is organized, employees function better and achieve goals more readily. Keeping a diverse workforce also serves to increase the skill level as well as the capability of the organization as a whole. Doing so allows the capacity for achievement to remain high.