Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Cinderella’s of Baldrige

Dayton Flyers are still dancing in the Sweet 16. The Flyers took down 6 seeded Ohio State and then 3 seeded Syracuse. Tonight they take on another Cinderella story in Stanford. The national media is all a buzz with the Flyers and how they are wearing the slipper this year. Sites like CNN, ESPN, Fox and even the White House have recognized and congratulated the Flyers for their victories.  Campus is alive with energy and excitement for the game and the phrase that keeps going around is: “We aren’t done yet…”

Campus may not be able to handle another Dayton win but this is an excellent mind set and attitude when going through the Baldrige process, we aren’t done yet. Baldrige is a process that should not just end after you receive the award, but continue long after the award is displayed in the lobby for all to see. If Dayton would have quit after losing a heart breaker in the A-10 tournament, most likely we would not be talking about them today and they would not be the Cinderella story of the 2014 NCAA D-1 Basketball Championship. Much like companies should not quit after they hit a bump in the road, the Flyers keep on pushing forward and become better and better as they do so.

Much like Cinderella’s such as Dayton, I believe the smaller companies that go through the Baldrige process gain so much more than the larger companies. Dayton is in the national spotlight, smaller D1 School that most haven’t heard much about. These smaller companies that go through the process gain so much knowledge about themselves and how to better themselves as a company. Dayton’s national attention is putting the school on the map and making people realize that they are competitors and it is a great school to go to. Without the mentality of we aren’t done yet, none of this is possible.

GO FLYERS! Beat Stanford!