Friday, December 10, 2010


The other day I read an article about a local business having a high decrease in sales for past year. I started thinking the reasons that this might happen, I decided to ask a friend who worked on the floor of the company what he thought might be the reasoning for this. After talking to him about it I found out that they had brought someone new into management and changed some things in process. He said that the new management wanted to make the process more lean, and in doing so over estimated the capability of their floor employees. I thought I was funny how they tried to make the company better and ended up hurting them more. I was wondering what you guys thought on the situation and how often does this happen in industry?

Quality perspective

Over the last couple of years I have worked with a construction company located in Oakwood Ohio. This job requires us to work with many different customers and these customers had many different standards, this means that one person our work may be high quality and to another it could be just average. We were working on a project over the summer putting in a patio, after working over a week on the project we finished and it wasn’t till after the next morning our group got called up by the boss telling us we need to replace the patio because the specifications where not what the customer asked for. Management made sure that we knew it was our fault for the whole situation and after speaking with the boss and the customer I came to realize that the customer loved the quality of the patio but the dimensions were wrong. It is management’s job to get the specifications for the job and forward them to us. I feel like if management would have a better system in place this problem would not have happened. What do you think?
- S.A