Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Modern American Ethics and Technology

Modern American Ethics and Technology

Ethics is an interesting subject in today’s fast paced world, especially here in America. Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. The people that teach us ethics are normally the people we look up to and idolize. The people that kids idolize are the rap artists, movie stars, sport figures, and politicians. Quite possibly the most unethical group of people America has to offer. Rap artist’s lyrics are nothing short of talking about weed, loose women, and killing people. Movie stars, such as Lindsay Lohan, are in jail for illegal activity and are slapped on the wrist. Sport figures, such as Kobie Byrant and Michael Jordan, are idolized and protected even though they have raped and cheated on women.  And Politicians are supposed to represent us, yet most of them have multiple ethic complaints filed against them currently.

What does this tell you about America? America is not based on ethics. Greed drives America still and forever. Music Labels, Movie Company’s, NBA, NFL, and the media put up with unethical behaviors because of greed. Their company represents these people simply because they make them money. Censorship and moral teachings need to come from the parents not what the media and other outlets such as MTV have to offer.

Unfortunately, politics has become a career profession. I find it hard to believe that conducting government work without learning business ethics in a business environment will lead politicians to be ethical. The house of representative has a committee simply for ethics. The House Ethics Committee is there to investigate representatives for stealing money from campaign funds and other ethical charges that may be filed against them.

I ask myself why do we as a nation have such bad etiquette when it comes to ethics. Technology is the reason. Before cell phones, and the internet people were forced to communicate with each other with their mouths. Now everyone is in front of their smart phone or tablet computer and people are slowly growing apart from each other. It is weird to think that internet websites such as myspace and facebook are actually doing the opposite from what they were designed to do. When you put technology in between human interaction it allows people to be more unethical because people are saying mean things or hacking people’s identities from their living room. Also due to the internet people are exposed to more news about movie stars and sport figures getting in trouble. When they see their idol doing such things they think it is okay for them to do the same.


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