Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With surveys being such an important part of rating a customer satisfaction and sales service, why is there such a terrible success rate on returned surveys?  Nationwide on all types of sales the approximate response is around 20%.  How can you expect your employees to go out of their way for a customer if you are basing a salary or bonus off of a 20% probability of success?  Being a customer who has filled out a couple of surveys and thrown away several more, I can attest that these surveys are normally too lengthy and there is no benefit for me to fill it out.  Doesn’t a solution that would give the customer a free oil change, gift card, or gift certificate, not help everyone out that is involved with the survey process?   You cannot gage a customer’s satisfaction if you never get any input from them on how your services lived up to or let down from their expectations.  Something needs to be done to rectify the situation or companies are going to keep getting the same results.


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