Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Above the Influence

In today's age, it can often be easy for co-workers and bosses to steer new employees down unethical paths.  To many times in industry, new employees are influenced to spend money on a company credit card for personal entertainment or alcohol.  Another example could be adjusting sales or production numbers to better please management.  These examples happen every day in the modern workplace.  It is important for college graduates to understand that although the job market is difficult, you must work to combat this approach to help better business practices in our society.
 Values are key when it comes to combating poor ethics.  Using self-control and wisdom are very good mechanisms to begin with.  New members of the workplace should have a good understanding of business  as well as social ethics, but often times these understandings can be tainted by a manager for co-worker.  Being vocal when unethical circumstances arise can be important when holding strong to the virtues that you are taught throughout your education.  Establishing a good set of values can help you become not only a stronger leader, but a true asset to your organization.
 When one makes it to a management position, it is important to stay true to your values. Encouraging your co-workers around you to be ethical and apply the ethics that they have learned is not only beneficial for your department but for the company as a whole. Encouraging integrity can often be difficult, but extremely impactful on the working environment. Managerial leaders should reward those who display ethics and be vocal about how ethical decision making helps improve a company’s environment as well as society as a whole.


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