Monday, November 26, 2012

Liabilities of BPA in the Plastics Industry

Manufacturers continue to face major issues with product liability.  One industry that has been hit the hardest is the manufacturers of plastic products.  Many children’s toys producers as well as water bottle producers have come under fire for still using BPA in their products.  Bisphenol A is an organic compound used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxies.  In fact, nearly 8 billion pounds were used as of 2011.  BPA can mimic estrogen in females when released from bottles filled with acidic beverages or washers with strong detergents.  Nearly 8 billion pounds of BPA’s are used in companies yearly and the production continues even though manufacturers have been sued because of this dangerous compound.  State governments like Ohio; have even passed laws banning BPA’s use. The article listed below this blog says that BPA’s have the potential to cause sexual reproductive problems, heart disease, obesity, as well as neurological issues can occur when it is released and consumed humans. Phillips, a producer of baby bottles or ‘sippy cups’, reached a settlement to refund all of its products made with BPA in 2011.  This lawsuit cost the company millions of dollars and probably many employees their jobs.  So was it worth it?  If you are a producer of plastics and you are using BPA today, is it worth continuing to use BPA in the same manner or should you take proper steps to ensure your product is safe for humans?  I think that it is important for these companies to remember Phillips and the fact that soon the federal government may mandate that these BPA’s are not used in manufacturing. Using liability loss control programs to change the raw materials of your products will save your company money.  If your company is using raw materials that could cause harm to consumers...Raise the red flag


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