Thursday, October 18, 2012

8D Methodology

     Over the past few weeks our class has been meeting in groups to work on the KU dining hall project.  My team is focusing in on efficiency.  Something that I have been doing in the group is helping complete the 8D methodology of problem solving for the project.  This is an in-depth tool for setting up the problem and tackling it.  We have currently completed the D0 and D1 steps of the methodology.  This system really makes sure that you do the pre-solving work, and don’t just jump in with ill-advised answers.
     The thing that has taken us the longest has been deciding what we want our goals and objectives to be.  The goals are meant to be a broad overview of what you want to accomplish.  The objectives on the other hand are meant to be metrics of whether or not you met your goals.  Without objectives, it would be impossible to know if your goals were completed, as many times words like “help” and “make better” are used in goal statements.  The objectives give desired 10% changes or x amount of improvement.

     Another part of the early 8D setup is gathering the correct people to join your problem-solving team.  Part of the D1 stage is listing the team members and also what relevant skills they bring to the table.  Configuring a diverse yet educated team will provide the best insight for solving the problem.


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