Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plan Do Check Act to Solve Problems

It seems to me that the older I get the projects or problems that I do and solve it always seems that with  these projects or problems people just want to get it done as fast as possible. Through doing this it seems that people just want to go do things and try to do things fast then check them later. Especially students try to do things as fast as possible in order to go on to another task and worry about any of the effects at a later time. Through using something like plan do check act it allows for something that allows solving problems and not only solving it but continuously improving.  
            The first part of plan do check act is planning. This planning part identifies what the problem is exactly. Through this step it allows analysis of what is going on now and trying to find a real reason for why there is importance to a project. This is important without a clear understanding of what the problem is or why you are doing this project there is no reason for the project. Through this step it is important to define the problem in a clear way possibly rephrases the problem. This is also the information stage and important to gather information about what is going on and starting to observe the problem and gathering information. Which happens sometimes in groups I've been a part of but not necessarily all the time when I have a big project it is more focused about the end result and not much planning goes into the project. In the groups we have done this step we have had great success on those projects. Also making sure that there are the right people on my team too and also trying to get people who could help my team be successful too.
            Second is the do part. This part is implementing the plan that has happened after the research has been completed and objectives have been set up. This part is important to set objectives that are manageable and obtainable by the end of the project. This part defines the necessary changes that need to be made, and defines the action plan. It also makes the necessary ways to monitor the results. In one of the best groups I’ve had we had great ways to measure our results and ways to continuously improve on what we have done. After that comes check where you verify the results of the do phase and make sure that things meet the measures that are trying to be obtained. This part allows the ability to see if all objectives have been met. It is also important to see where you were against where you are currently and always not being satisfied. The act stage allows for review. The act stage allows for new ideas to try to solve problems and continuous improvement. I know that in most companies that it is important to keep improving and keep quality as an important part of everything.
            Through PDCA allows for planning that most people try to skip because it seems to take too long, but it is essential to plan because it is cheaper to mess up and fix it then have multiple parts mess up and be sent back for repair. The doing part allows one to prioritize solutions and find ways to monitor results and strategies to implement change. The study stage allows the ability to evaluate your solution and make sure all objectives and the plan works. Finally act allows for continuous improvement review new ideas and set new standards to improve. I find that through using this process I feel it not only delivers the best results and keeps getting results.  

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