Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Product Liability

According to Dr. Donna C.S. Summers book “Quality Fifth Edition”, product liability is the obligation of a company to make restitution for loss related to personal injury, property damage, or other harm caused by its product or service.  Because it is ideal but extremely difficult to create a product that is perfectly safe and can do no objectionable harm at any time under any circumstances we have product liability.

Because this is so difficult a lot has to be done during the design and manufacture of a product in order to provide the customer with the safest product or service possible.  In order to avoid making a dangerous product, designers should consider the usefulness and desirability of their product.  Once this has been done and it is determined that the product has value for the consumer, Dr. Summers has a plan for the design and development of the product.  The six steps are as follows: design to remove unsafe aspects, guard against unsafe use, provide product warnings and instructions, design to standards, conduct design reviews, advertise and market wisely.  If these steps are followed properly a product liability suit can be avoided.


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