Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Should Farmers Market Vendors Carry Product Liability Insurance?

I recently read and article about product liability at a farmers market. The article debates whether or not it would be beneficial to require the vendors at a farmers market to carry product liability insurance.  The initial thought would be that it would be beneficial for them to carry it just in case a customer gets sick because of one of their products. At a second glance, these local farmers are growing on almost no land, and generally barely make any money at all; so requiring them to add another bill to their payments could possibly cause them to drop out of the market and not do business there.  The farmers market manager would be the one who could require the farmers to have this liability insurance. 

I for one, do not think that they should require this.  I have been to many farmers markets before, and have never heard of anyone getting sick because of some bad produce that came from there.  Generally these farmers do not use any of the commercial pesticides or any of that.  It is locally grown, and usually organic.  Overall, I think that product liability is indeed necessary in some instances, but a farmers market probably isn't one of them.  But, that is just my opinion.  I trust the farmers there and even if I do get sick, it generally isn't life threatening.


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