Thursday, January 23, 2014

People’s involvement helps the system fail in shipping and receiving

A company has had several issues with shipping and receiving of their product lately. Several of those problems include delayed processing of orders, missed delivery dates and wrong products shipped to customers. All of these issues have been created by the people in the organization failing at some aspect of their job. How did these situations occur? In some cases the system failed these people, such as the case of the incorrect product being shipped to the customer. The system had no double check to make sure the product that was picked from the warehouse to be placed in the box was correct. Other cases a lack of personnel has caused delays in the processing of orders. If one person at this company is out for the day, nothing happens in the shipping and receiving department. This organizational problem could be remedied with adding additional staff to the office at the company. The delay of the order processing then impacts the delivery date for the customers as the company only ships outgoing product two days a week. The company could use more staff and redundant systems to eliminate all of their current shipping and receiving problems.


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