Tuesday, January 21, 2014

System failure from a player's prospective

In sports typically it is said that coaches use a “system” to tech there players and get the best out of there players. This is an interesting way to view coaching but through past experiences I understand how this is true. I have been fortunate to see both successful and unsuccessful systems.
As a high school wrestler I wrestled on both sides of the spectrum. When I was a freshman, sophomore, and Junior the system that was run lead my school to a city title as well as the first undefeated season in our programs history. In addition to that we had two people qualify for state in the state of Ohio, which is extremely difficult to do. Due to a variety of reasons the core of team’s head coaches were removed my senior of high school. My senior year a new head coach came and due to two major reason’s the program has gone down since then.
The first major reason was the environment and mentality that was established when the new coach came in. The coach that I originally established a mentality that made wrestlers want to wrestle and give their best for the coach. Also he established a mentality that was positive for wrestling. When the new coach came in he focused on new things and established a “softer” culture, in my opinion. The coach tried to focus on strength and less on conditioning and technique. When I talked to my friends and watched them wrestle it was completely different. In the past the team may not have the best wrestlers but they were the most in shape and could compete. Once the new coach came in the team looked flat and tired because of the “system.” The second major factor was the personnel. The people in the new coaching system as well as the talent in the “system” decreased dramatically. The wrestlers that left after my sophomore year left many gaps in the roster and caused the team to lose. In addition to that the new head coach didn't have a good ability to recruit good athletes as my first coach did. This is important because it was easy to teach technique in wrestling. Both of these things cause the team and in a sense the program to go downhill.

From my playing prospective the second “system” seemed to be a failure. This happened because the wrestlers who remained had a huge lack of talent. The people that were acquired by the new head coach were not the athletes that were established and brought in by my original head coach. In addition to that trying to change the culture to a “softer” mentality didn't help the wrestlers that remained from the previous “system” and didn't seem to help the new wrestlers coming into the system. Wrestling is one sport that requires a hard nosed mentality, great instruction, and talent.  This change in environment and personnel  seems like a big reason in my personal opinion this new "system" failed. 

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