Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being an engineer requires people to be able to work in teams. In the Engineering world when dealing with issues or problems, most often a team is assigned to fix the problem at hand not just one engineer. Team work requires a lot of communication and effort from each team member to make it a successful functioning group. When team members act up it can have an effect on the other team members' work ethic. Communication is key to making the group work, however communication can be counterproductive at times. For example, groups have to meet and sit down to discuss the problem at hand and figure out how they will fix it. The problem with meetings is that the conversation can get off task easily, that's why a meeting agenda is necessary for the team to be effective and stay on task. In my experience working on teams in school, I have found that if the team has set goals for that meeting, the flow of the meeting is better and the team is more effective in getting the tasks complete. Good communication amongst the group is the key to completing the project. With these set meeting agendas and good communication, the group has a much higher chance of completing the project on time.

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