Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Effective Communication

Communication is something that has been innate to our human nature since birth.  As babies, we cried when we were hungry, needed changing, or just to get attention.  As we get older, our styles of communication get much broader.  As we learned to speak and write, our communication skills increased exponentially, into what they are today.  In a competitive market such as todays, effective communication is a must in any work setting.  It doesn’t matter what our majors were, what our GPA was, or what our job title is, communication between co-workers can’t happen often enough.  It is important to not only relay messages, but convey thoughts and ideas to our peers and superiors.  This in turn keeps everyone on the same page. 
It seems far too often that just talking about things isn’t enough. Email and notes are becoming huge due to their physical aspect, which makes things easier to remember.  Being a part of a few internships, and having just gotten a job offer, I can say that companies are always evaluating our communication skills, and don’t forget nonverbal ones too.  The companies and employers want to know that they are hiring on someone that can get the message across all barriers and to all employees affected. 
In closing, we all know that communication is important, but actually doing it is a completely different thing.  Staying on top of assignments and projects through may make the difference between a raise or bonus. 

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