Thursday, September 27, 2012

Communication in Industry and Life

Meetings, Teamwork, and Communication are extremely important in the workplace as well as in daily life.  You could not function regularly in a single day without exercising at least one of these three concepts.  As college students, these become even more important as we have class time, homework, group meetings, and projects over the course of a semester.  Staying up to date and ‘in the loop’ is critical if passing grades are desired.
            In industry, these principles are imperative to a successfully functioning workplace.  Meetings are frequent when dealing with about any type of business.  When assigned to a problem or project, seldom or never will it be an independent project.  Teamwork and communication (through meetings, telephone, email, etc.) mean everyone knowing what is going on, and everyone opinions/ideas getting distributed throughout the team.  There is also the hierarchical communication aspect in industry, where you report to your boss who reports to his boss and so on.  Keeping good communication lines means a higher percentage for good executive decisions regarding the company’s welfare.

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